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State Government of VictoriaCity of Port Phillip CouncilRMIT UniversityCity of StonningtonCentre for Multicultural Youth

Up-to 100,000 Attendees can Hop-in & Hop-out of your Live Event Spaces

Genius.Tools Hopin Event Management

Anytime, One-on-One Networking for Participants During Your Event!

Allow attendees to interact and be connected via a live chat throughout the event through audio, video and real-time text messaging

Group Breakout Sessions, Seminars & Panels

Run parallel or serial sessions and breakout work groups or panels, give your participants lots of quality options to learn and grow, spoil them with choice

Sponsor Virtual Booths & Product Expo’s

You can add virtual sponsorship product demonstration booths to your event and provide exposure to your partners products and services with exclusive deals and offers to participants throughout the event as well as question and answer sessions

A Stunning Main Stage for Keynote Presenters

Put your Keynote speakers front and center and give your attendees the mind-blowing presentation they’ve been waiting for, live at their homes or workplaces, on their laptop computers, tablets or smartphones



Event Organizers who Foster and Nurture Vibrant Intellectual CommunitiesResearchers wanting to make a Constructive Change in Peoples Lives through Sharing KnowledgeTeachers & Facilitators Creating Memorable Experiences for Maximum Learner EngagementEducation Management Facing Decreasing Time and Budget Constraints while needing to Deliver Greater EfficiencyPolicy Makers Demonstrating Impact through Data Driven Evidence Parents, Guardians & Tutors wanting to give Children a state-of-the-art, Life Transforming Education ExperiencesTechnologists supporting Staff, Facilities and Seamless Services with Digital Infrastructure
Design, Configuration and

Give your event unlimited possibilities, mix and match features into
your event schedule for a uniquely great experience every time and monitor your Impact with detailed analytics

Genius.Tools Live Event Analytics

Fairs & Trade Shows

Set up an expo center with vendor booths where attendees can interact and demo a product.

Expo & Exhibitions

Add vendors/booths to your events and give your attendees a completely interactive experience with vendors


Webinars tend to be one-sided. Listeners are passively attending. Genius.Tools ups the engagement & interaction.


Remote meetups increase engagement and help form genuine relationships otherwise difficult online.


Having a summit online is now more than a possibility, create a customized schedule from scratch in minutes.


Teach a lesson and breakout into groups. Come back together for another lesson, followed by one-on-one meetings perhaps?

Company Events

Our company events remove physical barriers and helps the company feel like family.

Networking Events

Connect people online with ease through one to one meetings in succession via video.


We are hosting conferences, not only do we have a virtual stage but also online meeting rooms plus all areas access

Broadcast to Event

Turn your broadcast into an event with ticket entry, engaging segments, and interactive features.

Online Courses

Sell your courses through your events, with all sorts of features to make it a complete experience.

Hybrid Events

Host a physical event, and stream it to your virtual attendees with all our interactive segments for your online audience.

Imagine the Possibilities!

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