Our Vision, Our Mission

Genius.Tools™ is committed to creating and supporting the highest quality lifelong learning products and experiences for people from all walks of life, with a key focus on Adult Learning, Higher Education, and Teen development in; Philosophy, critical thinking & reasoning, digital media literacy, and commerce, in the English language.

We have two divisions;

An Educators division that develops and serves software tools, curriculum content, and research through publications and events to Teachers, parents, and academics.

Our Learners division is where students can access content and engage with courses online directly with Genius.Tools™ Facilitators. Here, we also provide one of the world’s premier online tutoring services and provide practical and useful courses unavailable anywhere.

Our slogan “Giving you the tools to bring out your inner genius” recognizes the inherent unique potential we possess within each of us, and how Genius.Tools™ endeavor to support you in realizing your full potential by providing you with the tools you need to transform and make it happen.

Our purple Mascot ‘Questionalien™’ represents seeing from outside with raw truthfulness, representing the perspective shifts, exemplified in the wisdom of the ages and the meta-cognition which is often demanded of higher-level conceptual thought and abstraction. Bound to put a smile on any face during your learning journey, Questionalien™ is curious, imaginative, and thoughtful!

So here’s our mission; With your support, we at Genius.Tools are striving to bring the highest quality, affordable, life-transforming education, technology, and research to at least 3 billion individuals worldwide by the year 2030. Why? Simply put, we audaciously believe quality education is the key to future generations, making the world a better place.

The obstacles we face getting there are that we want your constructive feedback, all the time, literally. And you can do that here, anytime. We won’t judge and we appreciate it!

The other major obstacle is we need your friends to join the Genius.Tools party -and fast, so don’t keep us a secret, show them you’re on your A-game and tell them about us, share a link to your favourite product or how you’ve benefited from our services, the more of your friends join, the more useful knowledge and tools we can create for you!